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Dry Gin With Flowers & Orange


With Flowers & Orange is an organic gin made from the infusion of the most characteristic aromatic flowers and herbs from our estates in the Douro region. Its pink color is obtained by adding a few drops of our Rosé Port.

The juniper and botanicals are placed in baskets inside an alembic and do not come into contact with the alcohol. Before the liquid is distilled, alcohol vapor passes through them. This allows botanists to release their essential oils in the steam. Then, when the vapor is condensed back to a liquid state, the essence of these botanicals is infused into the distillate. In order to obtain the desired intensity of each botanical, this distillation process can be done up to 5 times.


Dry Gin With Flowers & Orange Bottle
37 VAT inc.
Dry Gin With Flowers & Orange Box with 6 bottles-10%
200 VAT inc.



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