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We’re excited to introduce our wine made from the rare Folgasão grape variety, also known as Terrantez. Unfortunately, this grape is slowly disappearing from the Douro vineyards, but our father planted 2.5 hectares of Folgasão in 2016 to preserve this unique variety, which was his last plantation before retiring.

This QLAB was done with Tamás Ádám (friends call him Tomi) to create a single-varietal Folgasão wine. For this experiment we decided to do malolactic fermentation on part of the wine as well as age it for 5 months in Hungarian barrels (like Tomi!).

The result? A fresh aromatic white wine, creamy and full-bodied to share with the best company!


Folgasão Bottle
19.00 IVA inc. / inc. VAT
Folgasão Box with 6 bottles-11%
102.60 IVA inc. / inc. VAT


Wine Advocate


The 2022 Folgasão was aged for five months in used Hungarian oak and comes in at 12.3% alcohol. This is a new offering, says Oscar Quevedo; it was “added to our Q.Lab range. Folgasão, a.k.a. Terrantez, is slowly disappearing from the Douro vineyards. I think this is happening because of [how easily] it hosts powdery mildew fungus and because, at the winery during the fermentation, this variety develops a reductive character.” His father planted 2.5 hectares in 2016, his last plantings. This is not a crisp and energetic wine, but it has reasonable solidity and a smooth texture. As an oaked wine, of course, it doesn’t quite qualify as a fresh white, but it still mostly seems to play in that ballpark, just not very assertively. The flavors are muted and a little different, with some dried melon and dried pear. Ultimately, this is a nice and understated white for the summer, but it just doesn’t have the structure to take the next step. It is certainly pleasing at the moment.


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