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Vintage Port


Produced with our best grapes from the 2013 harvest at Vale D’Agodinho, this Vintage Port is the result of the best selection of what nature produced. It is a carefuly crafted Port and only small quantities are made. The perfect Port to age in your cellar for decades, your patience will be rewarded.


Vintage Port 2013 (375 ml)
35 VAT inc.
Vintage Port 2013 (750 ml)
70 VAT inc.
Vintage Port 2013 (6x 750 ml)
378 VAT inc.


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Reviewed on December 2015

The first Douro vineyard that Oscar Quevedo and his wife, Beatriz Morais, bought was in 1977; later, they settled in S. João de Pesqueira, planting Quinta Vale d’Agodinho in the Douro Superior in 1983. Their daughter, Claudia, studied enology and started making the wines here in 1999. Her 2013 is brisk and structured, tingling with acidity and the green, esteva-like edges of a young Douro Superior wine. The red fruit is juicy and rich, rounding out a broad texture.


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